I love to tell a story with my sessions that reflect the personality and mood of each individual. I want to capture YOUR story. I want to evoke tears and goosebumps when you view your images for the first time.  I don’t want to just take pretty pictures, I want to capture the essence, romance, love and fun of the day.  I prefer to meet with each of my clients before our portrait session so I can plan and cater our time together and produce images as unique as they are. My style of photography is a can be a bit out of the box. I love to take advantage of unlikely environments, unique angles and dramatic lighting that give my images that added “punch.”   Let’s chat!

Desiree Keelty

Individual & Austin Photography



  • Honeybees! Yep, I’m a beekeeper! These amazing, earth saving, smart insects are just one of my current passions. Over 200K of these sweet girls living on my property 🙂
  • Everything horses. Every single spare second of my time is spent with my guy, Remington.
  • Vanilla Creamer..I rarely actually taste the coffee. I’ve been known to reheat two-day-old coffee and just simply add vanilla creamer..easy as that!
  • Teenagers…Yep, that’s right 🙂


  • Negative people
  • Hot tubs… I know, it’s weird.
  • Okay, I’m just going to say it… CAMPING! The countless hours spent packing all of the coolers, equipment and clothes only to drive there, unpack, set up camp, then ONCE AGAIN repack the car… Oh yes, then we drive home and I have to unpack the car again… “Honey? Can’t we just get a nice hotel NEXT TO the wilderness?”

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